Salleo Group:
Prof. Alberto Salleo
Associate Professor
University of Rome (Italy) Chemistry, Laurea Summa cum Laude, 1994
École Polytechnique (France), Solid-State Physics, Diplôme d’Auditeur Libre 1994
UC Berkeley, Materials Science, M.S., 1998
UC Berkeley, Materials Science, Ph.D., 2001
Professional appointments:
Lawrence Livermore National Lab., National Ignition Facility, Graduate Research Assistant 1997-2000
Palo Alto Research Center, Electronic Materials Laboratory, Post-doctoral fellow 2001-2004.
Palo Alto Research Center, Electronic Materials Laboratory, Member of Research Staff, 2004-2005.
Stanford University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Assistant Professor, 2005-
3M Untenured Faculty Award (2007-2009)
NSF Career Award (2007-2011)
Intel Equiptment Grant (2007)
Terman Fellow (2001-)
Fulbright Fellow (1995-2000)
John Tyssowski Memorial Fellow, UC Berkeley (1997)
Italian University Council Award for Outstanding Students Abroad (1997)
Professional Activities:
2003-2005: Technical Program Committee Member of the Device Research Conference (an IEEE conference).
2003-: Guest Member of Organizing Committee of the Electronics Materials Conference (a TMS conference)
2007: Symposium organizer at the 2007 Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society (Symposium O: Organic Thin-film Electronics)
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